JD Wilson
JD Wilson
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Real Estate Quick Tip: Follow through, do what you say you are going to do!

Dream Home Must Have: Ample space to host, we love entertaining our guests and the all too cliche “man cave”

Distinctive: Showing my clients I actually care about what’s going on in their life. This can be the biggest transaction of a person’s life but that doesn’t mean it has to be stressful. 

Also a handwritten thank you letter goes a long way!

Guilty Pleasure: I see a lot of beautiful homes and I’ve taken a lot of great ideas with me

Random Fact: I have been professionally recording and producing music for about 14 years

Before real estate, JD was in property management. Starting as a leasing consultant, he worked his way into a maintenance manager position. He decided to get into Real Estate after being in property management for 15 years and seeing the endless possibilities of being successful while doing what he loves. As he learned more about the industry he began to feel confident enough to give it a go and he’s truly glad he did.

Though the lows in real estate are painful, JD loves the business because the highs are exhilarating. JD says that if you’ve never experienced the joy of a signed contract, or a clear to close, then you have no clue just how energized and happy a signature or a few words can make you feel. 
Outside of Real Estate, family time is tough for JD to come by because he, Jessica, and their three children are all so busy, but he finds that it is necessary to create that time together! He is still at his core a handyman with a “honey do list” that stays quite lengthy. He also enjoys creating music as that is his true unplug from all stressors which is very important to him.